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The protection of your data and their security is important to us.
We are committed to protecting your personal data.
The, company operating currently in Greece onthe sale of brand products based on Constantinople road 2A in Rysio, Thessaloniki.
You can contact us by post at the above address, by email or by phone +306948303837.
In this Privacy Policy you will find all relevant information regarding the use of the personal data of our usersand customers, how we use it and how this information may benefit you.
There is transparency about what we do with your personal data, so that you understandthe implications of why we use it and the rights you have in relation to your data.
We have at your disposal all the information contained in this Privacy Policy sothat you can check when you deem it necessary and additional information for any processing of your data during your cooperation with us.
In order to betransparent in the way we collect, use, store, transfer and protect the personal data (PII) we receive, our company encourages visitors to its website and anyoneinterested to read this Privacy and Privacy Statement (“OnlinePrivacyStatement” or “PrivacyStatement”).


The Company applies this Privacy Policy in accordance with the Privacy Act and informs that it uses only the personal data provided voluntarily by the visitors ofour websites, as customers or potential customers or when we communicate differently with you, in order to be able to provide information. , information about thetype of personal data collected by our company, information about why we use your data, how they are processed (collection, storage, use, transmission), theirmeans of protection and the rights that users have against this processing, which in any case is carried out in a reliable and transparent manner.
In collecting thisinformation, we act as the data controller in accordance with the applicable legal framework and with the aim of the safest and most secure way of protecting yourpersonal data.
Basic concepts and definitions mentioned herein:
When we refer to personal data we mean any information concerning a specific natural person or person whose identity can be verified, ie any informationconcerning an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”).
Identifiable is the natural person whose identity can be verified, directly or indirectly, inparticular by reference to an identifier, such as information that identifies or can identify you, such as your image, name, postal address, address e-mail, contacttelephone, tax registration number, position data, online identity or one or more factors that characterize the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological,economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.
When we refer to the processing of your personal data we mean any operation or series of operationscarried out with or without the use of automated means, in personal data or in sets of personal data, ie processing is the collection, registration, organization,structure, storage , adaptation or alteration, retrieval, retrieval of information, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal,association or combination, restriction, deletion or destruction.
“Processor” is the natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body that, alone ortogether with others, determines the purposes and manner of processing personal data, in this case the Company
“Performing the processing” is the natural or legalperson, the public authority, the service or other body that processes personal data on behalf of the controller, in this case on behalf of the Company.
“Consent” ofthe data subject: any indication of will, free, specific, express and fully aware, by which the data subject expresses that he agrees, by a statement or by a clearpositive action, to process the personal data concerning “personal data breach”:
a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss,alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted, stored or submitted otherwise processed.
“Sensitive personal data or specific categories ofdata” are data such as the following: religious, ideological, political views or practices, health information, gender or biometrics, race and ethnic origin,administrative or criminal records or sanctions .
“Profile training” is any form of automated processing of personal data used to evaluate personal data in order toevaluate specific personal characteristics associated with a person.
“Specific categories of personal data / Sensitive personal data” means personal data disclosingracial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union affiliation, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data theindisputable identification of a person, data relating to health or data relating to the sexual life of a natural person or sexual orientation.
“Data file” means anystructured set of personal data which is accessible in such a way as to enable the identification of such person by the data.
We take all necessary measures and comply with all universally accepted and in accordance with international security policies to protect the personal data ofcustomers that we process in such a way as to ensure that the processing of personal data is always carried out in accordance with the obligations set by legalframework governing both the company itself and third parties who may process personal data on behalf of the company.
The legal framework that follows andbinds our Company which operates on the basis of the current National and Community legislation: the relevant provisions of the National Law on Personal DataProtection and on ensuring the Confidentiality of Communications (refer to Law 2472/1997 on protection of personal data, Law 3471/2006 for the protection ofprivacy in the field of electronic communications, as in force, the regulations for Ensuring the Confidentiality of Communications of ADAE as published inGovernment Gazette B ‘2715 / 17.11.2011 and valid PD 47/2005 and the relevant provisions of Community law (European General Regulation Data / GKPDProtection – 2016/679). Examples include the following nomoiapo which governs:
the Law 4624/2019 (measures Implementing the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data of the European Parliament [2016/679])
Law 2472/1997 on the protection of the individual against the processing of data
of a personal nature.
Directive 95/46 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the freemovement of such data.
Directive 2002/58 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electroniccommunications sector.
Law 3471/2006 on the protection of personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications
Issued and to be issued Regulatory Acts of the competent administrative bodies.

The legal entity is called “Stylianos Tsakiris”, offers linen products, curtains and carpets for sale on its website
It is located at 2A Konstantinoupoleos Street in N. Rysio, Thessaloniki GREECE and the e-mail address is: Our full details are:
Full name of legal entity: Stylianos Tsakiris
E-mail address: : Konstantinoupoleos 2A in N. Rysio, Thessaloniki.

3a.LEGAL BASIS OF PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA processes your personal data in a transparent manner, according to the principles of legality, proportionality, confidentiality and integrity,limitation of purpose and accuracy, the specific time of data retention and data minimization if the This processing is necessary: for the conclusion of a contractbetween us or for the compliance of with its legal obligation or for the pursuit of its legal interests or for the fulfillment of its duty performedin the public interest, or if it is based on your prior express consent, provided that the processing is not based on any of the above legal processing bases mentionedabove.
In conclusion, we will use your personal data only when permitted by law.
The legal basis for the processing of your personal data may be:
a) your consent, where our legal basis is consent, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time.
In case you choose to use the access or connection througha social network, we have the right to process your data based on the consent you give at the time of approval of the transfer of your data from the social network aswell as following our information and sending actions special offers for our services and products, or promotional updates or offers, download newsletter, etc.
Weprocess your data because it is necessary to execute the terms governing the use of the Platform.
You reserve the right to withdraw your consent to sendpromotional updates at any time by contacting us using your contact details.
b) the need to process your data in the context of the performance of the purchase agreement or the provision of services with you in order to fulfill our legalobligations.
Some process-related data processing is enabled only because you request or approve it, such as saving payment (card) data for future purchases orprocessing the data needed to scan receipts through the Payment Application section or to provide you with features such as Comingsoon / Coming Soon(Comingsoon / Backsoon).
In these cases, the processing of your data is based on your consent.
c) the need to process your data in the context of compliance with a legal or regulatory (our) obligation.
For example, keeping records of our sales for taxcompliance or facilitation through a payment process.
d) the need to process your data in the context of customer service.
When you contact us, specifically for the management of events related to your order or theproduct / service obtained through the Platform, the processing of your data is necessary for the execution of the purchase contract.
When your question relates tothe exercise of your rights which we inform you of below or to claims about our products or services, we are entitled to process your data in order to comply withour legal obligations.
We have a legitimate interest in responding to requests or questions raised by you through the various existing communication channels.
Weunderstand that the processing of this data is also beneficial to you, as it allows us to adequately assist you and answer any questions you may have.
e) the expansion and use of the Marketing Service of our company.
We have the right to process your data for marketing purposes based on the consent you give use.g.
when you agree to receive personalized information through various media, when you authorize us to send push notifications to your mobile device, or whenyou accept the legal terms and conditions in order to participate in a promotion or to post your photos on the Platform or our network or when you receive anewsletter.
In order to provide you with personalized information, we consider it in our legitimate interest to compile a profile with the information we have aboutyou (such as your browsing, preferences or shopping history) and the personal data you have given us, such as range age or language, as we understand thatprocessing this data is also beneficial for you because it allows you to improve your user experience and access information / products according to yourpreferences.
f) The Analysis of usability and quality.
We have a legitimate interest in analyzing the usability of the Platform and the degree of user satisfaction, as we understandthat the processing of this data is also beneficial to you because its purpose is to improve the user experience and provide a higher quality service.
g) The necessity for the export of statistical data
h) Issuance of invoices and Customer receipts
i) Execution of information of customer receipts in the information systems of the company.
When considering legitimate interests, we take care to think about and balance any potential implications for you (both positive and negative) and your rightsbefore processing your personal data about our legitimate interests.
We do not use your personal data for activities where our interests outweigh the impact of thisprocessing (unless we have your consent or otherwise required or permitted by law).


We reserve the right to collect, process, store and transfer different types of personal data about you, which we have grouped as follows:
Identity data includes title, gender, first name, first name, last name, surname, nationality, place and date of birth family status, username or similar identifier.
If youinteract with us through social media, this may include your social media username and your image information
Contact details include billing address, delivery address, email address and phone numbers.
Financial data includes bank account and payment card details.
Transaction data includes details of payments to and from you, information about your purchases, orders, returns, etc.
Technical data includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address, login details, browser type and version, time zone and
location , browser add-on types and versions,operating system and platform, and other technology on the devices used to access this site.
Login, geolocation and Internet browsing data (for example if youcontact us from your mobile phone)
Profile data & Business information includes your username and password, your purchases or orders, your interests,preferences , survey comments and responses, and any data we have added (for example, if you have subscribed to our newsletter). within.
user data includeinformation about how you use the website, our products and our services.
Data marketing and communications including your preferences for receiving directmarketing from us and from our third parties and your communication preferences.
monitoring data include information we collect
or others for you from cookiesand similar tracking technologies, such as web signals, pixels, and mobile IDs. ensures that the personal data processed is:
They are processed which is lawful and legitimate in relation to the data subject
Collected for specified explicit and legal purposes
They are appropriate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed
They are accurate and up-to-date
They are processed in a way that guarantees the appropriate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing andaccidental loss, destruction or deterioration, Organized measures are retained only for the period required for the purposes of processing personal data.


The personal data is collected with the explicit consent of the subjects, which is given either by the latter before any processing or collection of their personal data,or by the company itself when you visit our website, where we may collect data from you.
The aforementioned consent clearly informs the data subjects, inaccordance with the provisions of the current legislation on Personal Data Protection, that the personal data required for the fulfillment of the intended purpose willbe collected and processed and all recognized rights are updated. which they can exercise.
We collect and analyze the data each time you use our services (whetherthe services are provided directly by us or by other companies acting on our behalf), when you visit one of our physical stores, when you use our websites or whenyou use our call centers , device data, connectivity, and configuration data, including the protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer or device to the
Internet, such as when registering, accessing your account or profile for execution of bill payment orders, the electronic updating of your data, the declaration offailures in the network, the submission of applications, etc.
We can collect or receive data in many different ways.
Here are the main ways we do this:
We collect Personal Data when you contact us through this site, or otherwise connect with us by mail, phone or email, or by chat or social media, or post on socialmedia pages, or subscribe to a newsletter or participate in a survey or other direct advertising / marketing element, contest or promotional offer.
When you askquestions or ask for information or contact us in general.
When you create an account on the webmaster.
When you make purchases from our e-shop or from our stores
When we provide you with our services for your invoicing and execution of your order We
may receive some data automatically when you interact with us through other means of this site.
For example, this may be data about your preferences, browsing,or how you use this site.
We may also collect data when you click on one of our ads (including those you see on third-party sites or social media). collects personal data and automatically stores information about you through the use of online technologies (eg cookies) and similar trackingtechnologies when receiving bug reports or usage data from software applications on your OnLine devices or via WiFi communications at the company’s offices.
Ifyou use a portable device, we may also collect data that identifies your device, settings, and location.


The respects your privacy and protects your personal data.
The data collection method above explained the different ways in which we canreceive or receive data.
Your personal data is not used for purposes other than those pursued by our company and the subjects (eg requests of visitors to itswebsites), who expressly consent to the collection and processing of their data, unless we obtain your permission. , or unless required or permitted by law orprofessional standards.
We request and reserve the right to process your personal data for more than one legal reason depending on the following purposes forwhich we use your data and only to the extent that we need or intend to use it:
To register you as a new customer primarily through the conclusion of a contract and to manage your registration as a user of the Platform.
If you decide to registeras a user on our Platform, we must process your data to identify you as a user of the Platform and to give you access to the various functions, products, products andservices available to you due to your status as a registered user. user.
You can also use the access or connection through social networks such as Facebook, orregister as a new user or link to your current account.
In this case, your login credentials as well as the e-mail in case you approve, will be entered from youraccount on social networks.
By using this login option, the social network can send us some additional information about your public profile, for example, yourname, gender, approximate age or profile picture, according to its terms of use social network, which we advise you to read carefully.
We will not retain thisadditional information unless you give us your approval.
In addition, using this feature may mean that you will share some information about your activity with thesocial network.
In any case, we recommend that you check your privacy settings and social media privacy policies to know how these social networks process yourdata
To develop, fulfill and execute your sales or service agreement with Platform.
This purpose includes the processing of your data, primarily for the execution of thepurchase agreement, to contact you regarding the execution, promotion and shipping of products, updates or informational notifications related to the functions,products or services contracted, including the sending of quality inquiries and in order to be able to determine the degree of customer satisfaction with the serviceprovided to manage the payment of the products you buy, regardless of the payment process used, to ensure that you can use other available features or services,manage possible returns after you have made a purchase and manage requests for product availability information, product bookings through the platform or,depending on the availability of other options, enable the necessary
mechanisms to avoid possible fraud against you and against us during the purchase process.
Ifwe consider that the transaction may be fraudulent, this processing may result in the transaction being blocked.
To process and deliver your order, including:
(a) Managing payments and invoicing, fees and charges
(b) Collecting and recovering money owed to us.
Manage payment for the products you purchase, regardless of the payment process used.
Manage payment for the products you purchase, regardless of the paymentprocess used.
For example: when you purchase one of our products through the Website or the Application, you choose to activate the data storage function of yourcard for future purchases, we must process the data indicated for the activation and development of that function.
Consent to enable this feature allows automatedpayment data to be displayed in subsequent purchases, so you do not have to re-enter it in each new process and this data will be considered valid and active forsubsequent purchases.
You can modify or cancel your cards at any time through the section corresponding to the payment information, or from the registered useraccount you have registered on our website, for pricing purposes and to make available tickets and invoices for the purchases you have does through the Platform.
To manage our relationship with you, including: (a) Notification of changes to the terms and conditions or the privacy statement b) Sending email notificationsabout your requests on our website.
Necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation and for your legal interests and to update our records and examine the wayin which customers use our products / services.
To manage and protect our business and website (including troubleshooting, data analytics, testing, system maintenance, support, reporting and data retention).
In order to serve our legitimate business interests (our own and those of third parties).
To give you the opportunity to participate in a draw, a contest or to fill out a questionnaire.
Carry out promotions (for example, to organize contests or to send a listof products you have saved to the email address you specify).
By participating in any promotion, you authorize us to process the personal data you have shared withus based on the promotion and we may share it through various media such as social networks or the Platform itself.
In each promotion you participate, you will beprovided with the terms and conditions where we will provide you with more detailed information about the processing of your data.
To post photos or images thatyou have publicly shared on the Platform or through our social media channels, provided that you have given your explicit consent for this purpose
For marketing purposes & to deliver relevant website content and ads to you and to we evaluate and understand the effectiveness of the ads we display or to makesuggestions to you about goods or services that may be of interest to you.
In this case you may receive personalized offers and benefits, invitations to events,newsletters, personalized information about our products or services through various means (such as email or SMS).
We may also provide this information to youvia push notifications once you have enabled it on your mobile device.
Accordingly, keep in mind that this data processing involves analyzing your profile as a useror customer to determine what your preferences are and therefore which products and services best suit your style when sending information to you and based onyour purchases and browsing history (ie Depending on the products you clicked on), we will make suggestions for products that we think may be of interest to you.
In any case, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time and / or object to this processing of your personal data, without any negative consequences foryou.
Usability and quality analysis with data analysis tools in order to improve our website, products / services, our customer relationships and their experiences.
If youenter our Platform, we inform you that we will process your browsing data for analytical and statistical purposes, that is, to understand how users interact with ourPlatform so that we can make improvements to it.
In addition, we sometimes conduct quality surveys and actions in order to know the degree of satisfaction of ourcustomers and users and to identify those areas in which we can improve.
In order to comply with our legal obligation and the resolution or settlement of legalclaims that may arise in our relationship: (i) legal proceedings, requests of legal and state authorities, (ii) claims for violation of the rights of third parties of anycontent, (iii protection of rights, property or personal security, users or the public, (iv) consolidating or exercising our legal rights or defending against legal claims;or (v) as otherwise required by law.
To prevent and detect illegal acts.
Necessary for our legitimate interests (to protect our business and our visitors and visitors tothe site through fraud tracking and suspicious transaction tracking).
You can contact us in case you need clarifications for the specific legal reason we rely on toprocess your personal data.


The personal data entered by the user are stored in the database of
By registering and / or submitting your personal data to our websites, youconsent at the same time to the use of this data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.
We use your personal data to respond to your requests.
The user’spersonal data are not published, sold or disclosed.
At it is part of our philosophy and our basic principle that we will not disclose yourinformation to third parties for their own independent business purposes or marketing purposes without your consent, as well as access to the files, which includeThe data subjects’ data is limited to authorized persons, who have taken on the role of processors.
When information is transmitted in accordance with the above,we limit the range of information communicated to what is strictly necessary to achieve this purpose.
In addition, as some of our activities are handled by thirdparties, we strive with contractual guarantees to ensure that the processing of your personal data is done in a secure and fully compliant manner with this privacypolicy.
In particular, in order to facilitate the regulation of your purchases, we often need to share your personal data with third parties.
Service providers and suppliers arethird parties providing services on our behalf and are bound by data processing agreements and are required to ensure the confidentiality and protection of data inaccordance with the privacy policy.
The service providers undertake through a contract not to use your information in any other way than to help us provide youwith the products and services provided by We reserve the right to disclose your personal data to a third party in which we reserve the right tochoose to sell, transfer or merge parts of our business or assets.
Alternatively, we reserve the right to acquire or merge with other companies.
In the event of achange in our business, the new owners have the right to use your personal data in the same way as defined in this privacy statement. We also reserve the right todisclose your personal data to a third party when you ask us to do so. we do or when we deem it required by law.
In order to fulfill the purposes stated in the Privacy Policy, it is necessary to give access to your personal data to legal entities and third parties who provide us withsupport for the services we offer to you and who facilitate the provision of our services to you.
and specifically in the following bodies:
Financial Institutions
Fraud Detection and Prevention Organizations,
Technology Service Providers,
Partners and Providers of Supply, Transfer and Delivery Services, Service
Providers Related to Customer Service / and any third party that may perform processing on our behalf.
Partners and service providers related to marketing and advertising.
Other third parties with your consent or by your order.
Disclosure of information to supervisory, municipal, judicial and prosecutorial authorities, at their request in order to respond to requests from the government orlaw enforcement agencies or when required by applicable law, judicial provisions or state regulations is excluded.
As reflected in the Website Terms of Use and the Cookies Policy, the services provided through the website are addressed to a general audience. understands the importance of protecting children’s personal data, especially in an online environment.
Our website, products and services areaimed solely at people who are at least 17 years of age or older. We are not committed to providing professional services to children and we do not knowinglycollect personal information from children under the age of 18.
If you are under 18 years of age, do not use or provide any information on this site or any or all ofits features, do not register on the site, do not make any purchases through the site and do not give any information about yourself to us, including your name,address, phone number or email address.
However, as it is not always possible to determine the age of the people who access and use our websites, we adviseparents or legal guardians to contact us if they notice unauthorized access to data by minors so that they can exercise accordingly their rights such as the deletion oftheir data.
If we find that we have collected personal data from a child under the age of 18, we will delete this information unless it has been given the consent orauthorization of the child’s guardian.
If you think we may have information from or about a child under 18, please contact us.


How long we keep the information we collect from you depends on the type of information.
The information deemed necessary during your registration, such asname, surname and email, is retained for the entire period of your registration as a user and for as long as is required by the nature of the service provided by theCompany for them. purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, subject to the express reservation for as long as the relevant legislation.
No matter how we process your data during the period that is absolutely necessary to achieve the respective purpose, we will then keep it properly stored andprotected for the period during which liability could arise from the processing, according to the current legislation.
Once the limitation period for each claim haspassed, we will proceed with the deletion of personal data. In each use, we make every effort to ensure that your information remains secure.
To determine theappropriate period of retention of personal data, we consider the quantity, nature and sensitivity of personal data, the potential risk of damage from unauthorized useor disclosure of your personal data, the purposes for which we process your data personal, if we are able to fulfill these purposes by other means and the applicablelegal obligations.
In some cases, you have the right to ask us to delete your data: see the deletion request section below for more information.
In some cases, we reserve the right toanonymize your personal data (so that they may not be associated with your person) for research or statistical purposes and in this case, we reserve the right to usethis information indefinitely without further ado. notice.
The period of data storage is decided based on the following specific criteria depending on the case:
When the processing is imposed as an obligation by provisions of the current legal framework, your personal data will be stored for as long as the relevantprovisions require.
Also, when necessary to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations, to resolve disputes or to strengthen the terms and conditions of use, wemay retain some of your data as required, even if the account has been closed or no longer exists. need to provide our services to you.
When processing is done todevelop, fulfill and execute the purchase or service contract, we will process your data for the time required to manage the purchase of the products or services youhave acquired, including any returns, complaints or claims related to the purchase of the specific product or service.
Sometimes, we will only process the data untilyou decide, as is the case with the payment (card) data you have requested to store for future purchases.
In any case, your personal data is limited to what isabsolutely necessary to achieve these purposes, is accurate and is kept for a period of time determined by the processing purposes, is protected by adequate securitymeasures having already taken all necessary technical and organizational measures and are not transmitted to third countries, except to authorized employees of theCompany for the sole purpose of providing the respective service.
To manage your registration as a Platform user, we will process your data for the length of timeyou remain a registered user (ie until you decide to unsubscribe).
Customer Service, we will process your data for as long as it takes to satisfy your request orrequest.
Marketing, we will process your data until you delete or cancel your newsletter subscription.
If you participate in promotions, we will retain your data for a
period of 6 months from the expiration of the promotion.
Usability and quality analysis, we will process your data during the period during which we will carry outan action or a specific quality survey or until we anonymize your browsing data.
We will also retain your account data for as long as you maintain it and have notrequested its deletion.
If it is reasonably necessary or required to comply with legal or regulatory requirements, to resolve disputes, to prevent fraud and abuse or toimpose terms and conditions, we may retain some of your information as required, even after the expiration of your account or we no longer need to provide youwith our services.


We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data and to ensuring that you exercise your rights.
The user has the ability at any time, to beinformed, to change or delete any of his data registered on our site with a simple notification / request via e-mail which he stated during registration.
Every requestof the person / subject is submitted to at the email address: will respond to your request free of charge, without delayand in any case within one month of receipt of the request, except in exceptional cases, so the above The deadline may be extended by a further two months, ifrequired, taking into account the complexity of the request or the number of requests.
In case the satisfaction of your request is impossible, willinform you within one month from the receipt of the request, for the relevant reasons and for the possibility to submit a complaint to the Personal Data ProtectionAuthority, as well as for the your right to appeal to the competent judicial authorities.
If your request is judged by as manifestly unfounded orexcessive, it may impose the payment of a reasonable and proportionate fee, taking into account the administrative costs for its satisfaction or refuse to follow up onyour request.
Data Protection Officer: For any request concerning the processing of personal data of your data, as above, please contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Name: Athanasios Gurkan Phone: 6982447494
Email:athanasiosgkiou @
Postal Address: Ioulianou 5 Thessaloniki
Every natural person, whose data is
processed by enjoys the following rights in accordance with the Regulations related to your personal datathat we have stored at any time, in accordance with applicable law and free of charge.
1. Right to transparent information, for the exercise of your rights (Articles 12, 13, 14 GCC),
2. Right of access: (Article 15 GCC) You have the right to be aware and to verify the legality of the processing.
Thus, you have the right to access the data andreceive additional information about their processing.
You have the right to know and confirm that the processing of your data is done legally. If you havesubmitted personal data to our company, in most cases you have the right of reasonable access to this data in order to correct any inaccuracies.
You can also requestthe modification or removal of information about you by contacting and we will make all reasonable and practically possible efforts in order tosatisfy your request, as long as it is in accordance with applicable law and professional standards.
3. Right of correction: (article 16 GCC) You have the right tocorrect, update or modify your personal data or by contacting our company in the above contact details in contact with the Data Protection Officer (DPO) in theabove contact details .
4. Right of deletion: (Article 17 GCC).
You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data in any case but we note that this right is subject to certain restrictions.
You can do this in order to protect your legitimate interests or even without justification.
In cases such as, for example, when thereis a contract, obligation to process personal data imposed by law, public interest, etc., this right is subject to certain restrictions or does not exist as the case may be.
5. Right to restrict processing: (Article 18 GIP).
You have the right to request a restriction on the processing of personal data in the following cases: (a) if youdispute the accuracy of the personal data and to be verified, (b) if you object to the deletion of personal data and ask rather than delete the restriction of use
thereof (c) where the personal data are not needed for the purposes of treatment, however, is your indispensable for the acquisition, exercise, support of legal claims, and (d)when they oppose the processing and to be verified that there are legitimate reasons that concern us and supersede reasons why you oppose editing.
6. Right toobject to processing: (Article 21 of the ICCPR).
You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data in cases where, as described above,it is necessary for the purposes of legal interests we pursue as processors, as well as to processing for the purpose of direct marketing and consumer profile.
7. Rightto Mobility: You are entitled to receive free of charge your personal data in a form that will you allow to have access to them,
to use them and edit them with thecommonly-used processing methods.
You also have the right to request that, if technically feasible, we transfer the data directly to another controller or third party.
This right only applies to automated information for which you have given your consent to use it in cases where we have used the information to enter into acontract with you.
8. Right to withdraw your consent: (Article 7 GIP).
Right to revoke your already given consent, ie to withdraw your consent freely at any time.
The legality of the processing of your data is not affected by the withdrawal of consent until the time at which you requested the revocation.
To revoke yourconsent, please contact the Data Protection Officer (DPOtis, the above contact details.
9. Right of termination: In the event that has beenproven leak of your personal data from thus suffer material damage or not, you have the right to complain to the competent supervisoryauthority (Personal Data Protection Authority,,
1-3 Kifissias Avenue, PC 115 23, Athens, +30 210 6475600, +30 210 6475628,
Toexercise the above rights or if you have questions about the privacy policy or if you need assistance in exercising or understanding your privacy options, pleasecontact us at E-mail :
or write to us at: Konstantinoupoleos no.2A Neo Rysio Thessaloniki

9. SECURITY AND INTEGRITY OF PERSONAL DATA is in constant harmonization and compliance with the terms of the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 for the protection of individuals againstthe processing of personal data and for the free movement of data and constantly makes every effort for compliance with it.
We want to keep your personalinformation safe, so we have taken appropriate security measures to prevent accidental loss, use or unauthorized access, modification or sharing, using proceduraland technical safeguards, including password controls. and the “firewall”.
We also ensure that only people associated with the business can access your data,including employees, agents, suppliers and other third parties.
Your personal data will only be processed in accordance with our instructions and are subject to aduty of confidentiality.
Takes all necessary technical and organizational measures appropriate to the security and integrity of personal data to ensure an adequate and satisfactory level ofsecurity appropriate to address the risks to prevent accidental
loss, misuse or destruction and unauthorized and / or unauthorized access to, disclosure, use,modification or disclosure of
them and to provide the best possible protection of the data stored and the prevention of malicious interceptions and leaks.
For thispurpose, all electronic money transactions carried out on our website are protected by our encryption technology.
We store all the personal data you provide onsecure (password protected – and firewall) servers but while we will do our best to protect your personal data we cannot guarantee the absolute security of the datatransmitted over the internet and for this is your responsibility to keep the password you use confidential, we will only ask for your password when you log in toour site.
After all, within our capabilities, access to your personal data is limited to those who need to be aware of it.
To this end, if any visitor / user becomes awareof any illegal, malicious, inappropriate or improper use of personal data, he undertakes the obligation to notify the event directly to the company.

10. CHANGES IN PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY may unilaterally modify this Privacy Statement in order to each time comply with applicable personal data protection practices and to reflectchanges in accordance with applicable law or for operational purposes.
When we make changes to this statement, we will update the “update date” at the bottom ofthis page.
Please refer to this Policy at regular intervals in order to check the Implementation Date of this Policy in order to be informed regarding the protects your data.
Any revisions will take effect as soon as we post the revised Policy.
If there are significant changes to this Policy or ourinformation practices change in the future, we will notify you by posting the changes on our website. by you, we will inform you and provide you with an optionfor the future use of this data.
If we wish to use your personal data in a way that we have not previously defined and for a different purpose, we will contact you forinformation on how the law allows us to do so and, if necessary, ask for your consent. .
The revised privacy statement will take effect from the date of its publication / posting on our company website.



Our site may include links to third party sites, discrete embedded web pages (microsite), add-ons and applications.
We may provide links to a number of other sitesthat we believe may provide you with useful information and services.
However, these sites may not follow the same privacy policies.
By selecting or activatingthese links you grant third parties the right to collect or share data about you. Once you use these links to leave our site, we recommend that you read the privacynote of each site you visit.
We do not control the websites of third parties and these websites are not governed by this privacy statement, and we are not responsiblefor their own privacy statements.
In case of additional services provided to you by third parties through the booking process, you should be aware may be the one performing the processing on behalf of these third parties.
Therefore, whenever you use these links or microsite or when youleave our site, we suggest that you read the privacy statement of these third parties.


Our servers, which store and protect your information, are located within the EuropeanEconomic Area (EEA).
Whenever we transfer your personal data outside the EEA, we ensure a similar degree of protection for it, ensuring that one of the followingprotection measures is implemented:
We will only transfer your personal data to countries that the European Commission considers to provide an adequate level ofprotection for personal data.
For more information, see European Commission: Adequacy of personal data protection in non-EU countries.
Where we use specificservice providers, we reserve the right to use specific contracts approved by the European Union, which provide personal data with the same protection have inEurope.
For more information, see European Commission: Model contracts for the transfer of personal data to third countries.
Where we use providers based in theUnited States, we reserve the right to transmit data to them if they participate in the Protection Shield which requires them to provide similar protection for personaldata shared between Europe and the United States.
For more information, see European Commission: EU-US Protection Shield.
Contact us for any clarification onthe specific mechanism used by us when transmitting your personal data outside the European Economic Area.


We offer functions or services that require us to process the personal third party data you provide to us, such as in the case of activating and sending the Gift Checkor managing the Gift Check request.
If you provide us with personal data of third parties, we guarantee that you have informed them of the purposes and manner inwhich we should process their personal data.


Our website uses “cookie” and “webbeacon” technologies.
We use cookies and webbeacons to be able to distinguish you from other visitors, to record your IPaddress and the way you use our website and to identify the website from which you connected to our website.
This information is used to fulfill our obligations asdefined by contracts with our business partners, but also to help us provide you with better services, improving the design of our website, but also our products,services and promotions. .
In no other way do we record information about how you use other sites.
Non-personal data or anonymized / pseudonymized informationobtained through cookies and webbeacons may be shared or received by our service providers.
A cookie is a small data file that is placed on your computer’s harddrive when you visit a website.
A session cookie expires as soon as you complete your session (ie when you close your browser).
A “permanent cookie” storesinformation on the hard disk so that when you complete the session and return to the same site at a later time, the cookie information is still available.
A webbeaconis a small piece of code that represents a clear graphic image and is used in conjunction with a cookie.
When you visit our website, we reserve the right to use botha session cookie and a permanent cookie.
This cookie placed by may contain information (such as a unique user ID) that is used to record theuse of our website by you and in some cases to record your e-mail address.
Your email address is only stored in this cookie.
The webbeacon allows us to recordspecific types of information about actions taken when visiting a website, such as a visitor’s cookie number, time, date, duration and number of page views, adescription of the page on which it is placed the webbeacon and details of products or services purchased by the user.
We may also use Flash cookies or othersimilar technologies.
A Flash cookie is a small data file placed on a computer using Adobe Flash technology that may have already been installed on your computeror downloaded by you to your computer.
We use these technologies to personalize and enrich your experience on our site, to facilitate processes, to personalize andsave your settings.
Flash cookies can help our website visitors to set, for example, their preferences regarding the upload size of a video file.
They help us improveour websites by figuring out which points are of most interest to customers.
We do not use Flash cookies for promotions or behavioral ads.
Flash cookies aredifferent from browser cookies and the cookie management tools provided by your browser do not remove Flash cookies.
If you turn off Flash cookies or othersimilar technologies, you may not have access to specific features and services that make your experience on the site more efficient and enjoyable.
You have theability to disable cookies at any time through the browser options, but if you do, we will not be able to record your purchases or allow you to make a purchase fromour site.
In addition, we will not be able to identify you as a registered user so that you can access your account information.


Furthermore, we know that you reserve the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority of your country at any time regarding data protection issues.
InGreece, this authority is the Hellenic Authority for the Protection of Personal Data and for the competence of the Authority and the manner of submitting acomplaint, you can visit its website (
However, we would appreciate if we were given the opportunity to jointly manage your concerns beforeapproaching the Data Protection Authority, so please contact us first, using the contact details listed above.


To help you make the most of the experience of it is important that your personal data is accurate and up to date.
We hereby ask you to informus in the event that your personal data changes during your relationship with us.
We reserve the right to request specific information from you in order to verifyyour identity and to guarantee your right to access your personal data (or to exercise any of your other rights).
This is a protection measure that ensures thatpersonal data is not disclosed to any person who is not entitled to receive it.
We also reserve the right to contact you for more information about your request, inorder to reduce the response time.
For any clarification regarding this privacy statement, including any request for exercise of your legal rights, please contact us at the details above.

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